Lawn care treatment program

March - May


  • Apply mini granular fertiliser
  • NPK (nutrient) value designed to stimulate new growth and lush, green colour
  • Herbicides used to tackle early weeds
  • Check for leatherjacket or chaffer grub

May - July


  • Apply coated slow release fertiliser
  • Gives put to three months controlled feed
  • Increases density of sward
  • Gives rich green colour
  • Weeds spot sprayed with selective herbicide

July - Sept.


  • Maintains colour of lawn
  • Maintains density of lawn
  • Strengthens root system with potassium
  • More difficult weeds like speedwells and trefoils are treated

Oct. - Feb.


  • Apply liquid turf hardener
  • Strong nutrients work through the winter
  • Includes moss control

We recommend just Four lawn treatments per year

Experience shows that this provides the optimum level of treatment in order to maintain a healthy lawn throughout the year.

Other optional services include:

  • Hollow Tine Aeration
  • Scarification
  • Treatment to prevent Ants and Leatherjackets